Chemical Peels

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Please note: All chemical peels will begin at Level I.
If further results are desired, we can increase the intensity up through Level II and Level III.

Level I

Organic Passion Fruit Peel – Designed for unbalanced, dry/dehydrated, sensitive, or aging skin. This peel is also ideal for travelers, smokers, and even safe enough for pregnant or lactating woman.

The MAX Peel – This peel is ideal for all skin types. It will aide in correction, prevention, and nutrition.

4 Step Facelift – Relaxing and beneficial, this peel is formulated for dry/dehydrated and dull/tired skin. So safe it can be performed on clients that are pregnant, have rosacea, and even post surgery patients.

Lightening Lift – Are you noticing signs of sun damage on your skin? Let the lactic peel lift away years of sun damage. After just a few treatments you’ll notice a reduction in superficial pigmentation, sun/brown spots, and uneven skin tones.

Wrinkle Lift- If you haven’t found the fountain of youth yet, I have the next best thing. This peel is designed to melt away aging signs AND reduce pigmentation. In just 30 minutes your skin will look and feel fabulous!

Acne Lift – Adults and teens can benefit from this peel. Safe on all grades of acne, you can see results from your first treatment. In 30 minutes you have started the treatment process for clear, healthy skin.

Beta Lift – Severe acne can cause problems emotionally and physically. The beta lift is ideal for clients with grade 3 and 4 acne. As little as 30 minutes once a week could change how you feel about your skin.

Level II

Level II offers the Lightening Lift, Wrinkle Lift, Acne Lift, and Jessner’s Lite peels. All level two peels are enhanced with specially formulated boosters to achieve your desired results.

Level III

The ultimate peel experience comes from the highly sought after level III peels. The highest concentration of peels combined with the proven effective enhancers make these the best the spa has to offer! Select from the Wrinkle Lift Rx, Jessner’s Rx, or TCA Orange Peel.