Hair Extensions Care Information

Extension Hair Care Instructions:

·         When combing hair, always work from the bottom up securing the hair with one hand. Do not brush or comb hair upside-down.

·         Remove all tangles prior to shampooing so there is less detangling to do after washing hair.

·         Shampoo hair in a downward motion. Use your fingers in a horizontal motion in between extensions to cleanse scalp. Do not mix hair together, do not wash hair upside-down, do not use a circular motion to lather hair, do not use hot water.

·         Only apply conditioner to the hair from the mid-shaft down to the ends to prevent slippage at the root.

·         When rinsing, rinse thoroughly making sure all residues are rinsed out, rinse with cool water to prevent tangling and promote shine.

·         Although the hair extensions are real hair, it is not root-based and does not receive the same nutrients and oils as your natural hair.  Please be aware, the more you use heat on your hair, the shorter the life-span of the hair extensions. So, if you do use heat on your hair, use a low setting and apply a heat protectant.

·         At bed-time, braid your hair into a loose ponytail to the side.   Do not sleep with wet hair.

·         To prevent breakage, please be gentle when wearing hair extensions.

·         To prevent matting and tangling at root area, use a maintenance brush by inserting brush at root and brush down to top of link.

·         Just as your natural hair sheds, hair extensions shed also. The average hair loss per head is 80-100 hairs per day. As your natural hair is falling out, the extensions will have less to hold onto, therefore they fall out. Do not be alarmed when your extensions fall out. It is normal. Keep extensions that fall out together in a bag to bring back to your next move-up appointment.

·         Dry hair 80% to 90% before using an extension brush to finish your blow dry style.

·         When using hot appliances, keep away from the bonded tip of the extension.

·         Run fingers through hair daily making sure the bonds stay separated.

·         Try avoiding salt water as this may cause the bonds to break down.

·         Failure to adhere to these directions will shorten the life-span of you hair extensions

Product Recommendations:

·         Color Safe/Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner that has a low PH to accommodate both your natural hair and the extensions.

·         Any Pureology shampoo and conditioner.

·         Any DermOrganic Product.

·         Shine Spray will be a big help to keep extensions vibrant, shiny, soft and easier to handle.

·         Leave in Conditioner will help to detangle hair after washing it.

·         Heat Protectant is a MUST when flat ironing or curling extensions.

·         Professional Flat Iron (CHI) to better blend extensions to natural hair. This will make hair smooth and sleek while giving your hair the least amount of damage. You can also curl your hair with a CHI flat iron.

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