Hair Extensions FAQ

How long do Extensions last? That depends a lot on how well you take care of them. If you follow all of the Hair Care Instructions, then they usually last you anywhere from 4-7 months!

How do I take care of Extensions? Refer to Hair Care Instructions.

How long will my hair be after Extensions? 5-10 inches longer than your hair. We get the extensions at 20” in length. But the rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t go more than 6 inches past your natural hair’s length so that they can be blended to look natural. But we can take a look at your hair and see what would look appropriate with your body proportions.

What are the different Hair Types of Extensions?

-Synthetic Hair Extensions: These extensions are man made. You cannot use any type of heat on these extensions. They WILL melt. They get trashed very easily.

-100% Human Remy Hair Extensions: Real human hair (usually Indian in origin) which has been harvested from root to end, with the entire cuticle going in the same direction; it is generally soft and silky. You can use blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons etc. on this type of hair.

-Human Hair Extensions (easier method of cleaning): Most hair sold in the hair industry is human hair but do not mistake it with Remy hair. There is a major difference. They use bleaching or acid-baths to strip the cuticles of this hair which leave the hair damaged and therefore the cuticle is not in tact like Remy Hair. This hair is easily damaged and cannot take as much heat as Remy hair.

What’s included with the price of Extensions? It includes the 100% Human Remy Hair, Micro-beads, labor, extensions brush and Instructions on how to take care of the extensions.

What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in? You can pretty much do anything you would do with your own hair. From curling to blow-drying, flat-ironing and coloring. Just remember to take really good care of your extensions and they will look great!

Why are Extensions so expensive? The materials to put in extensions are very expensive due to the fact that it is real human hair that has been treated very mildly to give you top quality extensions that will last the longest.

How Many Extensions would I need for a full head? Anywhere from 100-200 Strands. This depends on how thick your hair is and the length of your hair. We can discuss this in a consultation.

Can I go swimming with Extensions? You can, but it’s recommended you avoid Chlorine as much as possible as it’s possible it could break down the bonds of your extensions.

Can I brush my hair when I have Extensions? Yes! We include a special extensions brush with the service of putting them in and you will use that brush at the roots of your hair where the bead is. You can use a normal brush to brush the ends of the extensions. But be sure to hold your hair in a pony tail while brushing ends to prevent any from being pulled out.

What products should I use with Extensions? You will need a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (i.e. Pureology), extensions brush (included with the service) and heat protectant for flat ironing and curling. Other products that will help a lot with extensions are shine spray (makes extensions soft, silky, shiny and easier to handle), and leave-in conditioner will help to pick through your hair when it’s wet.

What is a consultation for? In a consultation we can discuss whether extensions are right for you; we talk about how many strands we will need, the exact cost, how to take care of the extensions, we set a date to put them in, and we match up a color of extension to your hair.

Would Extensions still work if I color my hair? Yes! Before we put your extensions in we would color your hair, match the extension hair to the color you color your hair, and when it’s time to move all of the extensions back up it will be time to re-color your hair.

I have Curly hair. Can I have Extensions? Yes! Extensions come in straight, wavy and curly textures.

Is it obvious that you have Extensions in? No, not unless you want it to be which some people do. We keep the extensions away from your hairline 1” all the way around. They look very natural and the beads are so tiny and match the color of your hair so you really can’t even see them. Back combing also helps to hide the beads if you’re really worried.

How long does it take to put a full head of Extensions in? Depending on the clients’ head of hair and how many we’re putting in, a full head usually takes about 2 hours.

I have really thin and fine hair. Would Extensions work for me? One purpose of the consultation is to determine whether your hair is too thin and fine. If your hair is too thin and fine then there is a risk your hair won’t be able to hold the weight of the extensions.

What are the advantages to having Extensions? Body, Thickness and Length! And for those who are trying to grow your natural hair out, extensions are great! By the time you take the extensions out, it’s surprising how much your natural hair has grown!

What are the disadvantages to having Extensions? They are definitely more work. They take longer to blow dry and style and you have to be really careful in caring for them so that they last. But the pros defiantly outweigh the cons!

If you have any more questions, feel free to call our Salt Lake City salon at (801) 759-2154 or our Ogden salon at (801) 393-4014.

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