Hair Extensions Methods

What are the different ways of putting Extensions in?

-Clip-in Extensions:
Extensions are on a clip. You part your hair in sections and clip the extensions into back-combing (or other methods of making them stay). You take extensions out at the end of the night and re-apply when desired.

-The Braided Method:
Small and tight corn rows are braided horizontally with your own hair. Then Wefts of extension hair are sewn into the braids. A lot of people complain that this method HURTS the most because of how tight the corn rows need to be.

-The Nail Tipped/Glue Method:
This is a strand by strand method where the extension hair has tips of glue on the end and the glue is bonded to your natural hair with a heat gun. This method can be damaging because of the heat that is used to apply the extensions and in order to remove these extensions harsh chemicals are used to break down the glue which is harmful to your natural hair and the extensions.

-The Flare Bead Method:
A long tube bead links your hair with the extensions. There is no heat or chemicals used in this method. But the Flare Beads are usually made of copper which will turn green and erode over time.

-Micro-bead Method:
Tiny beads that are threaded on the inside like a screw are used to bond your hair with the extensions. The threading prevents slippage. These beads are very small making them easy to hide. There are no chemicals or heat used in this method. The bead is put onto your natural hair, the extension gets put through the bead and the bead is clamped shut to hold the extensions in. To remove, the bead is simply clamped in the opposite direction. The Microbeads are made of Aluminum which is heat resistant and will not erode.

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